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Infographic: How Alcohol Contributes To Weight Gain

06 Nov 14
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How Alcohol Contributes To Weight Gain

Did you know that a glass of wine has the same amount of calories as a slice of cake?

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the correlation between alcohol and weight.How Alcohol Contributes To Weight Gain


15 second smoothies! For A Cold Or Flu

14 Oct 14

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How to make 15 second smoothies

15 second smoothies! – With cold and flu season approaching, I thought I would make a cold and flu smoothie.
If you are using large oranges, you can add one instead of two.


15 second smoothies Replacement Green Smoothie


(Serving size: One)

Cold and Flu Replacement Green Smoothie
1 banana peeled
2 oranges, peeled
1/2 small lemon, peeled
1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated
2 tablespoons chia seeds
2 cup baby spinach
2 ounces of water if needed

You can check out my 24-Day Weight Management Program here:

Calories: 335 | Protein: 8g | Carbs: 72g | Fiber: 16.2g | Calcium: 24% | Iron: 4.9mg | Vitamin A: 275% RDA | Vitamin C: 271% RDA
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Leave a comment and let me know what is in your blender?

stay motivated

Staying Motivated – How to get Motivated

23 Sep 14

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Staying Motivated

Its hard Staying Motivated While going into a bad week. I started the day with a great workout, followed by an awesome chocolate protein shake. But as I sit here working I am already thinking about the munchies, they feel like they are all consuming. Deep Breaths and grab some water!


Staying Motivated


About the self control around junk food issue, I know it is difficult but you must learn to practice self-motivation and self-control. A good way to go about this is using self-control exercises. For example, while you are at your desk or table, have a glass of water and a chocolate cookie on the table next to you. Every time you are tempted to reach out for the cookie, take a sip of water instead. If you do this repeatedly, eventually you will increase your self control. Another tip is whenever you crave junk food and it is readily available, count to 100 and then walk away from it.

When it comes to weight loss, the only difference between wanting and having is self-control

Well can’t I just have one cheat day or one cheat meal, sure if you can handle it, but most people including myself can’t. And falling off that bandwagon is no fun. Your reward for sticking to your diet all week is 1 day of cheating? What kind of crap is this? Your reward for sticking to your diet all week is RESULTS! Remember them!

Moderation is great if you have self-control, otherwise keep yourself busy, water bottle in hand and focus on your results! – Staying Motivated



11 Fun & Quick Healthy Snacks

23 Sep 14

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11 Fun & Quick Healthy Snacks

Ready for some Healthy Snacks, not another article about boring granola or trail mix. We got MEATBALLS, yep that’s right! Meat balls aren’t a snack food?” But yes they are.

This is a rundown of healthy and fun snacks that are unusual however they will get you on your way to getting your best swim suit ready body!

1. Spicy (or not) Meat Ball. This may have you scratching your head. Like I generally say… “There is nothing abnormal about hauling a monster meatball out of your handbag… is there?!”

Meatballs make an extraordinary snack food! huge batch and eat them for the week. They are easily portable and go well with fresh veggie sticks. If made with the right ingredients than they are little bundles of amazing flavor that will get you lean fast! Personally, I like a spicyyyy meatball! I recommend ultra lean ground turkey, chicken or bison. Any thing goes and you can spice these babies up any way you like!

2. Popcorn. Yes, popcorn has an awful rep, particularly movie popcorn. Yet in the event that you make a sound interest in a $10 air pop popping machine it will be well worth the powerful investment.

Try using natural coconut oil rather than margarine or use olive oil and sea salt and pepper to include more flavor! I like to include flavors like cumin and chili powder or even fresh herbs. You can throw in cilantro, lime juice, or fresh dill and lemon juice. For a sweeter popcorn treat a tiny bit of maple syrup goes far! To make Sweet n Salty popcorn use maple syrup and ocean salt, ummmmamzing!

3. Raw Almonds or Cashews. Nuts are terrible, isn’t that so? Well yes in the event that you consume an excess of them. Be that as it may these greasy nuts can turn into your greatest lifeline. (Note they must be raw, not roasted)

They don’t need to be refrigerated so you can without much of a stretch abandon them at work, in your auto, or in your satchel. Almonds and Cashews are my go to nuts yet all nuts have incredible wellbeing profits. Sound fats in your eating methodology are fundamental to great wellbeing.

Fats provide for you delicate hydrated skin, sparkling solid hair and are key for cell capacity. Keeping nuts in your eating methodology will help you avert the propensity to go crazy and binge when you are starving! Keep them convenient at all times.

4. Pancakes, flapjacks, hotcakes, whatever you call them you will call these yummy. These aren’t your auntie Jemima’s hotcakes. Making flapjacks out of oats, dry curd curds and egg whites is one of my most loved go to snacks. The varieties are unending.

Some of my most favorite varieties are to include a fresh fruit and cinnamon, a banana and pecans, or nuts and dried apples and oranges. Furthermore don’t let anybody let you know its weird that you are consuming a flapjack in the middle of the day.

5. Omelet. Omelets are an incredible snack or supper for at whatever time of day. I want to consume mine late during the evening when I’m home and don’t have a considerable measure of time to make all else.

To make the omelet toss the greater part of your most loved veggies into the container and include some garlic or even sun dried tomatoes. I like to cook with some solid fats like olive oil or coconut oil. Top it with Salsa or hot sauce and you have yourself a sound late night supper. And yes you should eat before bed if you are really hungry!

6. Enormous Bowl of Chili. The best thing about bean stew is that you can make a monster pot and eat on it all week long. It typically tastes better after its been sitting for a few days, for the flavors to “meld”.

Pick lean protein like lean ground chicken, ground turkey, ground buffalo or additional lean ground hamburger. Beans are a great source of protein, spices and diced tomatoes and Viola!

7. Pizza. This isn’t your Grandma’s Recipe. Replace your crust with a giant portabella mushroom cap.  Stuff that cap with any combination of lean meat and stir fried vegetables that you like.

Chicken, ground beef, or ground turkey work well here.  For the topping, fresh basil, cilantro, onions, garlic, peppers, zucchini and tomatoes. Be inventive. Toss on some of your favorite cheese ….now don’t get too crazy here.  Stick to leaner varieties like mozzarella, feta or swiss.

8. Chocolate. ummmhmmm chocolate can actually be good, dark chocolate that is.

Women that eat chocolate in moderation are less likely to binge.  So girls, get ahold of yourselves just don’t knock down chocolate bars like you are looking for Willy Wonka’s golden ticket.

9. Popsicles. Ahhh yes, I can hear the ice cream truck coming down the street. Making homemade fruitsicles are fun and not at all something to feel guilty about.

Blend greek yoghurt or cottage cheese with some unsweetened almond milk and your favorite fruit, freeze and you’ve got one cool treat.

10. Cookies.  There’s always a trick? Ok ok we already talked about pancakes, weird right because why would I eat pancakes plain mid day for a snack? And we already talked about dark chocolate. Now just take a combination of the two pancake and chocolate and BAMB you have yourself a giant cookie.

Yes, it may need to be cooked in a frying pan but that is going to be one big bad ass giant cookie.  Throw some oats, egg whites, and dry curd cottage cheese in a blender and heat in a non stick pan. Add some dark chocolate nuggets and dried fruit and, like I said, BAMB you just got hit with Choco-Cookie love! You can thank me later.

11. Pudding. Ahhh yes, pudding. Chocolate, Vanilla whatever your favorite is, it’s super simple. Blend greek yoghurt or cottage cheese with some chia seeds and your favorite protein powder, top with fruit and enjoy.

Here’s a fun fact, 2 tbsp. of chia seeds have 8g of fiber…holy crap right?

I hope you enjoy these Healthy Snacks!

6 Health Myths You Can Stop Believing

18 Sep 14
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Love this article from Reboot with Joe

Trust me, sweet potatoes are not causing the obesity epidemic in America.