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Staying Motivated – How to get Motivated

23 Sep 14

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Staying Motivated

Its hard Staying Motivated While going into a bad week. I started the day with a great workout, followed by an awesome chocolate protein shake. But as I sit here working I am already thinking about the munchies, they feel like they are all consuming. Deep Breaths and grab some water!


Staying Motivated


About the self control around junk food issue, I know it is difficult but you must learn to practice self-motivation and self-control. A good way to go about this is using self-control exercises. For example, while you are at your desk or table, have a glass of water and a chocolate cookie on the table next to you. Every time you are tempted to reach out for the cookie, take a sip of water instead. If you do this repeatedly, eventually you will increase your self control. Another tip is whenever you crave junk food and it is readily available, count to 100 and then walk away from it.

When it comes to weight loss, the only difference between wanting and having is self-control

Well can’t I just have one cheat day or one cheat meal, sure if you can handle it, but most people including myself can’t. And falling off that bandwagon is no fun. Your reward for sticking to your diet all week is 1 day of cheating? What kind of crap is this? Your reward for sticking to your diet all week is RESULTS! Remember them!

Moderation is great if you have self-control, otherwise keep yourself busy, water bottle in hand and focus on your results! – Staying Motivated


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